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ViaMoto Airport Transfers offers transport services from Sofia to Velingrad. This service is suitable for any person or group of people who need transfer from Sofia to Velingrad or from Velingrad to Sofia. The duration of the transfer between the two cities is about 2 hours, depending on the road conditions (140 kilometers).

Transfers - Details

The transport service can be provided from/to your address in Sofia, the bus station and Sofia Airport. Regardless of your location, the price remained unchanged between Sofia and Velingrad. These details are required when you make your booking.

Velingrad Transfers - Prices

Prices vary according to vehicle type and distance. All prices include VAT!
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Route Car 1-3 pax Minivan 3-4 pax Van 4-8 pax
Sofia – Velingrad 75 € 90 € 105 €
Velingrad – Sofia 75 € 90 € 105 €

Car Categories for Private Transfers

The cars we have available are in three categories – Passenger car, Minivan and Van. The car is suitable for 1, 2 or 3 passengers traveling with a small amount of luggage. Our vehicles are ‘combi’ and could fit up to 3 suitcases per trip. The minivan is larger than the passenger car and is suitable for 3 or 4 passengers, as well as luggage within 3-4 suitcases. The van is suitable for large groups of people – up to 8 passengers, with enough luggage space to allow each passenger to have one suitcase – or up to 8 suitcases.
When you make your request by filling out the form, you can also share the amount of luggage, so that we can also help you choose the category of transfer car and offer you the best alternative for your trip.
Car 1-3 passengers
Car 1-3 passengers
Minivan 3-4 passengers
Van 4-8 passengers
If you need a transport service around Velingrad, in another city or village, this is no problem for us. With an individual request from you, we will help you with the necessary transport and price to meet your needs if you need a transfer to Rakitovo, Dorkovo, Peshtera and other places in this area.

More information about Velingrad

Velingrad is a city in southern Bulgaria, Pazardzhik district and is located in the Chepin valley in the Western Rhodopes. It is located 44 kilometers from Pazardzhik, 81 kilometers from Plovdiv and 140 kilometers from Sofia. Velingrad is also known for its mineral waters, which are of deep origin, crystal clear, pleasant and hot.

Velingrad is proud of Its:

  • Lake Kleptuza – a symbol of Velingrad, surrounded by a park
  • The Historical Museum
  • The main street and the architecture of the city

Other sights that are definitely worth seeing near Velingrad:

  • Lepenitsa Cave (7 kilometres from Velingrad)
  • Yundola area (12 kilometres from Velingrad)
  • Cepina Fortress (13 kilometers from Velingrad)
  • Batak Dam (17 kilometers from Velingrad)

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